New Products Award Europain 2018 winners were awarded Wednesday 13th December 2017. A committee, composed of bakery-pastry professionals and specialized press attributed 7 awards: 3 in the “MANUFACTURING” category, 1 in the “MANAGING” category and 3 in the “SELLING” category among the 21 products nominated*.

The award ceremony will be held on Sunday 4th February 2018 at 1 pm on the Europain Forum. Each day, the winners will be interviewed on the Forum at 2:55 pm.

LINUM EUROPE – Fluï, water doser (Stand 6P33)
Fluï is a cooking helper adjustable to your water tap. It shuts off the water as soon as the set quantity is reached, to save time and water. With its simple features, it allows the user to save time and effort. It can tolerate up to 65°C, and can measure up to 0,05 to 999 liters. Its NIMH battery is rechargeable.

Contact: Carmelo MERULLA – +33 (0)3 20 24 09 99 –

SASA – Modular trolley shelves (Stand 6A114)
Storage / Save space / Advertise – the new modular rack by SASA-DEMARLE, satisfies these 3 objectives and brings innovation to bakers-pastry chefs for the kitchen/oven and in the shop. It can also be used to display products in a show-room and in store. The wheels simply clip on and can be replaced easily. Size can be adapted thanks to interchangeable runners. Different accessories can be added to save space in the workplace

Contact: Elsa GUILLAUME – +33 (0)6 49 43 43 40 –

SOFINOR – The good height to work comfortably (Stand 6D32)
Whether you are tall, small, or use a wheelchair, thanks to its electrically adjustable height Ajus’Table adapts to all users and ensures you can work at just the right height without having to stretch or bend. Thanks to a control panel set on the front of the table, you can adjust the height according to your needs to obtain a worktop adapted to your height or disability. This adjustable table for bakers offers several advantages: adapts to the size of each user, prevents muscular-skeletal disorders- Reduces work tediousness, suited for PRM (Persons with reduced mobility). Height is adjustable from 700 mm to 1100 mm. The PRM version features a crush-prevention option: a sensor located under the table top interrupts lowering and induces a light uplift if an obstacle is detected. The system is waterproof and can withstand a load of 200 kg.

Contact: Simon BONTE – +33 (0)6 76 85 86 32-


MIWE MICHAEL WENZ – MIWE shop baking suite (sbs) (Stand 6A28)
The software tool MIWE shop baking suite (MIWE sbs) allows you to manage, monitor and synchronize your systems’ data remotely and to benefit from the opportunities of networked systems. Consisting of interconnected modules, the software suite represents an extremely versatile toolbox for branch or regional managers, but also master bakers, administrators and quality mangers. MIWE sbs allows you to map your own organizational structure and to centrally manage and distribute
your baking programs, so that all ovens belonging to the same profile can be supplied with the same information at the click of a button. A regional manager can thus easily organize baking operations in all of his branches, such as setting the autostart or cleaning times or deciding which image is to be shown in eco mode

Contact: Monika ELLER – +49 9363 680 –


EURALUX – Motorized, convertible shop window (Stand 6P53)
The motorised front glass panel folds vertically into the display unit and transforms your traditional display case into a self-service unit by enabling access to the products from the client’s side. The top table folds back to offer even easier access. This double service system offers new possibilities of usage for your sales space. In just a few seconds you can switch from sales behind a counter to open self-service. This means the space available in your store can be used differently over the course of the day (lunch break…) or for specific events.

Contact: Liza ZILBERG – +33 (0)1 48 76 93 44 –

INDUTEX – Softouch antislip paper for cake box (Stand 6N64)
The Softouch antislip bottom of cake box guarantees the transport and ensures the intact presentation of pastries at the time of the tasting. The antislip paper for cake box is a material stabilizing the cake in its box during transport. This material stabilizes several individual cakes in the same box. The bottom of the cake box is placed between the round and the cake box. This paper is suitable for food contact. The antislip paper for cake box is available in 6 different colors: – White – Chocolate – Camel – Light grey – Champagne – Slate. It is possible to customize the paper with 1 or 2 colors of printing.

Contact: Clément GRUYER – +33 (0)6 99 73 69 11 –

LES CELLIERS ASSOCIÉS – Val de Rance premium ciders in cans (Stand 6R64)
A range of 3 ciders in 25 cl cans, by Val de Rance, to enjoy cider everywhere and anytime: fruity, low alcohol and caloric content. It is an ideal drink with sugary or salty snacks.The ciders are naturally fruity, with no sugar added and made from cider apples only.

Contact: Estelle DE BURRE – +33 (0)1 84 78 01 29 –

In January, visitors will have the opportunity to vote for the Visitors’ Awards among the 7 winners and 21 products nominated. All the products are available on line on

ANDROS CHEF – All clean bake raspberries with seeds filling
ANDROS CHEF – Fig high fruit compote Andros chef
ALTHOFFER – Inter layer cloth “Louisine”
EMBALINE – Cameleon: change decoration(set) whenever you want!
BOX ITALY SRL – Food packaging box .mod. Flexa
EURALUX – Bright masts for shop showcases
SOFINOR – Juice bar solution
OCF – Reverso Display
OCF – Quatro Display
VMI – Genius spiral kneader
SOFINOR – Connected bread making unit

* 2 exhibitors will communicate in January only