June 2015

Arthur OVCHINNIKOV wins the Bocuse d’Or Russia 2015 !

12 and 13 June 2015
As part of Taste of Moscow


Arthur OVCHINNIKOV has won the Bocuse d’Or Russia 2015 in Moscow! The prestigious gastronomy contest has started its selection with the national selection in Russia. During 5h35 hours of breath-taking tests, 8 talented candidates performed in live under the watchful eyes of some famous international chefs. This selection concludes months of training for all candidates and gives to the winner a ticket for Bocuse d’Or Europe selection in May 2016.

Arthur OVCHINNIKOV was the most talented to demonstrate his skills on the imposed products: Duck (Utolina brand) and Luce. Arthur OVCHINNIKOV will now have to get ready for the next step of the very demanding selection process: the Bocuse d’Or Europe taking place on Sirha Budapest in may 2016.

The results
3 young talented chefs:

  • 1st price: Arthur OVCHINNIKOV (Enzo, Tallin – Estonia)
  • Commis: Artjom SKVORTSOV, Coach: Dmitri HALJUKOV
  • 2nd price: Andrey MATUHA (The Pech, Krasnpdar – Russia)
    • Commis: Ivan JAKOLEV, Coach: Aleksandr SHEREMET
  • 3rd price: Olga SUZDALKINA (Catering-chef, Moscow – Russia)
    • Commis: Kirill KRYUKOV, Coach: Roman TRUSOV

The best commis price has been attributed to Ivan JAKOLEV, commis of the chef Andrey MATUHA.

 The contest
This time as part of Taste of Moscow, this Bocuse d’Or Russian selection gathered prestigious chefs.
It was a unique opportunity for all candidates to express their talent and prove their skill in front of experienced top chefs. The 8 candidates, from different restaurants, have taken part of the event to express their culinary heritage and signature.

On the way for the Bocuse d’Or Europe
The winning candidate gained the opportunity to access to the Bocuse d’Or Europe 2016 to be held in Budapest – Hungary as part of Sirha Budapest, next May 2016. This candidate will represent Russia in this major event for the European continent, trying to obtain a ticket for the Grande Finale in Lyon 2017.
Bocuse d’Or contest is organized by GL events Exhibitions. In Moscow the organization is carried out jointly with the Asti Group (Russia).

Bocuse d’Or: the most prestigious culinary competition for young talented chefs

In January 1987, Paul Bocuse created the Bocuse d’Or, a revolutionary gastronomy contest. Replicating the codes of major sporting events, he imagined a true show placing the emphasis on cooking and on the chefs.

The idea: to bring together 24 young chefs from all over the world, among the most promising talents of their generation, and have them prepare superb dishes within 5 hours 35 minutes, live in front of an enthusiastic audience. To decide between them: a jury composed of the most illustrious chefs of the planet.

Beyond a mere cooking contest, the Bocuse d’Or is a show that draws extraordinary media coverage. Many talented chefs have made a name for themselves thanks to the contest.

In January 2015, Orjan JOHANNESSEN, from Norway, won the competition. Chef of the BEKKJARVIK GJESTGIVERI hotel-restaurant at Austevoll, he expressed his talent and won the Bocuse d’Or while United States gained the Bocuse d’Argent and Sweden the Bocuse de Bronze.

GL events Exhibitions Food Service Division

Dirigé par Marie-Odile Fondeur, la division Food Service dispose d’une expertise impressionnante dans l’organisation de salons et d’événements portant sur tous les types de restauration. Le plus emblématique étant le Sirha, -référence dans le domaine de la restauration et l’hôtellerie- et les prestigieux concours le Bocuse d’Or et la Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie. Les finales de ces compétitions ont lieu tous les deux ans lors du Sirha à Lyon.

Les prochains événements qui seront organisés par la division agro-alimentaire de GL events Exhibitions sont :

  • Omnivore, Shanghai 18 – 20 Juin 2015
  • Bocuse d’Or France, 21 – 22 Septembre 2015
  • Sirha Rio, 14 – 16 Octobre 2015 accueille la Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie Brésil et le Bocuse d’Or Brésil (sélections nationales)
  • Sirha Istanbul, 26 -28 Novembre 2015 accueille la Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie Turquie et le  Bocuse d’Or Turquie (sélections nationales)
  • Sirha Geneve, 24 -26 Janvier 2016 accueille la Coupe Europe de la Pâtisserie (sélection continentale) 
  • Europain, 5 – 9 Février 2016
  • Sirha Budapest, 8 – 11 Mai 2016 accueille le Bocuse d’Or Europe
  • Sirha Mexico, 10 – 12 Février 2016 accueille la Copa Maya (Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie) et le Bocuse d’Or Amérique-Latine (sélections continentales)

La prochaine édition du Sirha Lyon aura lieu du 21 au 25 janvier 2017 à Eurexpo, Lyon (France).