APRIL 2018


The Bocuse d’Or was created by Paul Bocuse 31 years ago like a sportive show dedicated to chefs, and it has become the world’s most prestigious gastronomy contest. The Asia-Pacific Selection of the contest will be held the May 8th and 9th 2018 at the Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center. The event will bring together candidates from 12 countries and will be attended by chefs, food lovers and media from all over the Asia-Pacific region. The top five winners over 12 will go to the Finale in Lyon, France, in January 2019, during the Sirha trade show.

The Jury of the Asia-Pacific Selection has been unveiled

During the 2-day contest in Guangzhou, the candidates will be evaluated by a jury composed of the 12 presidents of each national team, and 4 exceptional chefs:

Jérôme Bocuse

Alvin Leung

Kotaro Hasegawa

Stefan Stiller

President of the Bocuse d’Or and Sirha trade show




of the Jury

President of the Bocuse d’Or Asia-Pacific 2018

Son of Paul Bocuse, Jérôme manages “Les Chefs de France” in Florida for many years. He is now the president and the primary shareholder of the Bocuse Brasseries and Restaurants Group in Lyon France.

As chef of Hong Kong’s Bo Innovation, Alvin Leung is one of the rare self-taught chefs to have a 3 Michelin star establishment.

M. Hasegawa has worked in France in many Michelin star restaurants. Today, he is the chef of “La Fete Hiramatsu”, one of best known French restaurant in Osaka. In 2016, he has won the 2018 Bocuse d’Or Asia-Pacific Selection.

Stefan is the Chef and founder of Taian Table in Shanghai, and finds his inspiration on quality of products and respect of the seasons. He is also the president of the Chinese Academy.

High quality official products for high-talent Chefs

Within 5 hours and 35 minutes, the participants will be evaluated on 2 tests: for the Theme on a platter, they will be required to complete a large tray of delicately arranged dishes, while for the Theme on a plate, the chefs will realize their recipe on 10 individual plates.

To ensure fairness during the competition and increase challenge between the contestants, the Organizational Committee appoints two official products, on the basis of which each chef has to create an original recipe and integrate the food culture of their country. This year, the Asia-Pacific Selection of Bocuse d’Or will highlight the following official products:

For the theme on a plate:
Australian Veal Tenderloin, supplied by Green Mountain Food Processing 
This 6-month-old quality beef from Queensland, Australia, is fed with milk that gives it a very nice pink color & a nice juicy mouth feel for the chef.

For the theme on a platter:
Salmon, supplied by Aqua Select: an incredible story
After the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, the American Ari Jadwin was sent to the Sichuanese Mountain to assist in the development of fish farming. He found out that the water flowing in the foothills of the Himalayas was far cleaner than in any other part of China and in the salmon-farming world, hence the salmon can grow healthier and taste purer when reared there. With purer water and refined & integrated management, Aqua Select salmon was born and became appreciated by all chefs around the world.

Gastronomy celebrated all around Guangzhou

Thirty years ago, Guangzhou (China) and Lyon (France), became twin cities. A special delegation of the City of Lyon will travel to Guangzhou to celebrate this 30 years-old anniversary. The Bocuse d’Or Asia- Pacific Selection is held in Guangzhou to celebrate Chinese food culture and highlight the creativity and excellence of the Asian food scene. Guangzhou will follow Lyon as the food capital of Asia.

Guangzhou will be effervescent also with the Délice Association meeting. Founded in Lyon in 2007, it is a global gastronomy network, which aim is to foster positive links between city governments, chefs, local talents, culinary schools and other food professionals. The Association has chosen Guangzhou for its next forum, held during the Asia-Pacific Selection of Bocuse d’Or.

A unique event: an international Chefs dinner

The Bocuse d’Or will be the perfect occasion to gather the best chefs of the world on the May 8th evening, for a “Dîner des Grands Chefs”, held at the Guangzhou Garden Hotel, one of the only three platinum five-star hotels in China. In the kitchen, the dinner will be coordinated by Paul Pairet (3 Michelin star chef, Shanghai), and the brigade will be composed of Arnaud Dunand Sautier (2 Michelin star chef, Bangkok), Alvin Leung (3 Michelin star chef, Hong Kong), Hisamitsu Hataji (“Meilleur Ouvrier de France”, based in Japan) and Clément Ayache (Pastry Chef at Pierre Gagnaire Restaurant in Shanghai).

This Grand Chefs dinner will bring together 200 guests and some of the greatest Chefs around the world, including: Jérôme Bocuse (France and USA), Kim Byoung Jin (3 Michelin star chef – South Korea), Amandine Chaignot (UK), Maroun Chedid (Liban), Christopher Davidsen (Norway), Yoshiharu Kakinuma (3 Michelin star chef – Hong Kong), John Kellehert (New Zealand), Guy Lassausaie (France), Bruno Menard (3 Michelin star chef – Singapore), Tom Milligan (Australia), Christophe Paucod (Japan), Sakal Phoeung (Vietnam), Emmanuel Renaut (3 Michelin star chef – France), or Christian Tetedoie (France).

All these reasons have convince you to come in Guangzhou in May and to assist to the Bocuse d’Or contest? Register at the following link!