November 2016


In keeping with its image of reference show for innovation in the Food Service industry Sirha explores and decrypts 7 avenues for innovation encompassing products, equipment and services.

Food Service Vision has conducted a review and classification of the innovations that will be presented by exhibitors at Sirha 2017. The three major categories in food service – Wellbeing, Pleasure, Service – have been segmented into 7 avenues for innovation:

  • Wellbeing: Into the Green and Body Care include products that make our body, society and environment feel good
  • Pleasure: Made in Excellence, Playfood and Unexpected Story offer an answer to consumers in search of enjoyment in the broader sense, through taste and texture, but also through the history and origin of the products
  • Service: Maximum Experience and Optimum Support features products or equipment designed to maximise and optimise efficiency in the kitchen and dining room

This review will be available at and in the show’s Visitor Guide and Sirha Trends Book. For professionals, chefs or purchasers this represents an efficient tool for sourcing that will enable them to go straight to the essential when visiting the show, and also better understand consumers’ expectations. The new products and services featured in the dedicated space at Sirha are also reviewed, decrypted and classified according to their respective areas of innovation.

WELLBEING is a booming category

  • Into the green – concerns the products that are natural, vegetarian and good for our planet: development of preservative-free, additives-free, bio, local, and vegetarianism in particular.
    Ex : ‘CHOCOLATS SAVEURS ET NATURE’ presents a bio maple fondant, 100% organic pure maple syrup to use as a spread with crêpes, toasts, croissants, etc.
  • Body Care – includes allergen-free products (gluten-free, lactose-free) or enriched (with fibres and proteins…). Products such as for example fermented drinks (Kombucha…) and alternatives to gluten (ex: quinoa-based gluten-free pasta). 
    Ex : COLIN PALC proposes Veggi’s, a 100% vegetal and 100% gourmet product that is compatible with vegetarian, halal and kosher diets and will also appeal to food enthusiasts. Prepared using guaranteed GMO-free soya, Veggi’s satisfies chefs’ appetite for more natural dishes: with no colouring or flavouring agents, and gluten-free.

For under the PLEASURE category the avenues for innovation in 2017 are:

  • Made in Excellence – the quest for exactness and perfection in taste: product excellence is reflected through their origins and quality of terroir, but also through the producers, the chefs who create or recommend them, and their preparation method (artisanal, homemade…). Chocolate created entirely on site (bean-to-bar), or products recommended by chefs for chefs.
    Ex : STURIA Jasmin caviar is lightly salty, seasonal. It is matured over a few weeks only. Its Primeur quality and its low salt content means  it is very delicate. It is an enchantment to the palate thanks to the finesse of its mouthfeel.

  • Unexpected Story – the recipes are revisited with a simple twist, or by introducing off-the-wall associations. Creation of blue wine, an oenological shock, or ‘nitro coffee’, served cold as draft coffee, like draught beer.
    Ex : ALGUES SERVICE introduces real Dijon Mustard including 30% fresh algae, with a touch of Timut pepper. It is the ideal companion for everyday creations in the kitchen and stands out on the dining table thanks to its delicat flavours.

  • Playfood – gourmet pleasure without complex – innovations that boost the gourmet nature of the products: multiple colours, mixing classics or departing from typical usages to create hybrid and colourful products.
    Ex : The 20th anniversary of the partnership between Lenôtre and BRIDOR offers an opportunity to reinvent the classic Viennoiserie products by proposing a new collection of rainbow mini pastries. Three Lenôtre Professionnel recipes boasting revisited flavours: Tatin apple, cranberries-chocolate and caramel-nuts.

In the SERVICE category innovations no longer aim to merely optimise the restaurateurs’ activities, they now also aim to maximise consumer experience.

  • Maximum Experience – augmented food experience – transcending consumers’ experience: innovations lead to better dishes, enhanced ambiances, and improved waitering services…
    Ex : Tempcontrol technology developed by PROMECO keeps dishes warm or cold thank to a temperature stimulator directly integrated into the crockery and cooking utensils

  • Optimum Support – focusing on efficiency – optimising restaurateurs’ tasks, simplifying usages to enable chefs to save time and/or energy.
    Ex : ENODIS proposes 2S – their new Very High Speed oven boasting unique patented cooking technology that produces no smoke and no odours. It is 20 times faster than a traditional oven thanks to 3 combined cooking technologies: impingement, microwave and convection. It also offers significant energy savings.