30 OCTOBER 2018



Today’s consumers want the best of both worlds: food that is better for their health and more delicious at the same time. This is a poses a real challenge to the Food Service industry but is also a source of new opportunities and innovation! Sirha 2019 focuses more than ever on serving professionals to help them satisfy these new requirements. Its mission: help them find the solutions that offer all at once health benefits, gourmet pleasure and profitability.

The equation “health, nutrition, pleasure” has never been so difficult to satisfy

The latest social indicators point in one direction: since becoming aware of the effect on the body of gluten, lactose or traces of pesticides found in some food, 69% of consumers report they are concerned by the impact of their diet on their body.

This is confirmed by the boom in the use of mobile apps that detail the composition of food products. 76% of guests say they would pay more to eat better food and 8 out of 10 expect to find bio products in their plate at the restaurant.

Yet, health and eating better food must continue to rhyme with pleasure! Today’s eaters want to look after their health without compromising on gourmet pleasure.

This is observed in commercial foodservice as well as in mass catering, where users are increasingly demanding with respect to the quality and taste of the products used. Laws and amendments recently adopted in France stipulate that by 2022, 50% of sourcing for school canteens will need to be healthier and more responsible, while placing an emphasis on taste and a fun approach to meals.

Chefs cooking quick and enjoyable food

Many chefs have adopted this approach for some time now, either by ensuring the traceability of their products, encouraging flexitarism (diet balancing food of vegetal and animal origin), or promoting the movement beyond their restaurant.

This is particularly true when famous chefs including Thierry Marx, Marc Veyrat, or Michel Bras take an interest in quick food to bring answers to the changes in eating habits, while insisting on the gourmet experience. Several brands such as EXKI, Jour, Green is better, propose innovative concepts. They have etched the ‘green approach’ in their DNA and offer unique dishes and products that are reasonably priced to ensure that no one is excluded.  

New requirments, new opportunities!

These new requirements also carry new opportunities for the foodservice industry. These will be reviewed and decrypted at Sirha with a series of demonstrations and restaurant concepts, as well as conferences featured on the TV set, addressing new recipes, new sourcing methods, new processes, everything one need to cook food that heathy and enjoyable!

We have identified for you a few innovations that will be presented by exhibitors at Sirha 2019:

  • “Avec Plaisir” start-up: at last a community platform that lets you find good restaurants and establishments that are allergen free everywhere in France. Read more
  • Zen&Sans Gluten bakery products: Gluten-free and delicious bakery products are fully compatible. Zen & Sans Gluten proposes a range of croissants, pavés and petits pains that are also made using bio flours. Read more
  • Bord à Bord algae based-products: Bord à Bord focus on the nutritional benefits of algae and have imagined a range of condiments (mustard, mayonnaise, chutney, tartar) made from certified bio algae. Read more

Also at Sirha on the same theme:

  • Themed Visitor Routes ‘bio, health and nutrition’: To ensure visitors won’t miss any of the innovations associated with bio health, nutrition and production bio, Sirha proposes a choice of themed visits designed to optimise their time at the show.
  • Expert hubs: ISARA Lyon proposes one-hour tours guided by ISARA agrofood students. One of the themes is dedicated to ‘health and wellbeing”. Information and registration: sirha@isara.fr
  • Sirha World Cuisine Summit: Tuesday 29th, January 2019, the Sirha World Cuisine Summit will also address this topic, in particular with a theme on the changes in food habits.