Février 2016

Creativity, excellence and innovation : the winning recipe for Europain&Intersuc 2016

French President François Hollande – Serge Valadou, President of Europain&Intersuc – Marie-Odile Fondeur, Managing Director Europain&Intersuc- Jean-Pierre Crouzet, President of French Confederation of Bakers – Olivier Roux , Vice-president GL events.

‘The reason for my presence here today is to assert how much the bakery-pastry represents as a force, a heritage, as a source of enjoyment and also for the future’, explained François Hollande the President of the French Republic during his visit to Europain&Intersuc on February 6th this year. He addressed the Bakery-Pastry trade, which came together over 5 days for this great gathering celebrating the French Touch, and stressed the importance of this industry both for the dynamism of the French economy and as a success in terms of exportation.

This dynamism was expressed in the trade show offering: 679 exhibitors and brands (26% international from 25 countries) came to introduce their ranges to 63,282 professional visitors (including 27% international from 137 countries). 3 major contests illustrated the creativity and vitality of the sector and 140 workshops and conferences delivered by exhibitors, partners and highly motivated trade associations attracted a record audience.

The 2016 edition stood out with a highly creative and high-quality programme which involved all the different players in the trade. This enabled both artisans and industrials to find the concrete ideas and solutions to boost their business and anticipate the future consumer needs and requirements.


Europain&Intersuc 2016 proposed an exceptionally rich and unique programme of demonstrations and conferences that attracted a large audience. All players from the sector (Confederations, MOF, top names in bakery-pastry, ‘Champions de France de dessert’ …) were strongly mobilised for the event in order to offer visitors 140 demonstrations and roundtables over the 5 days of the trade show.

These direct opportunities for concrete exchanges and discussions enabled the demanding visitors to identify the ideas to follow in order to develop their business through their offering, production or sales point.

Offering a meeting point for excellence and creativity Europain&Intersuc fully played its role as a leader in the sector. Manufacturers and users were able to take stock of the evolutions in the market and review the situation with respect to offer and demand, both for artisans and industrials.


Over 5 days, 3 exceptional contests took over the Cube stage, a 4000 m² space entirely dedicated to highlighting the talents of tomorrow : The ‘Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie’, ‘Mondial des Arts Sucrés’ and ‘Coupe de France des Ecoles’ captivated and moved the audience, illustrating team spirit, sharing of savoir-faire, and the quest for excellence.

The masterly demonstrations performed by young talents in French and international bakery-pastry industry attested to the dynamism and ongoing changes in these trades.


  • 63 282 professionals, 27 % of international visitors from 137 countries
  • 6% more visitors from France vs 2014
  • 679 exhibitors including 26% from abroad from 25 countries
  • 5 contests, 134 candidates, 15 awards 61 judges
  • 5 spaces dedicated to demonstrations with 140 specific animations and conferences
  • 7 tons of bread, cakes and other food products offered by the exhibitors to the Red Cross at the show closure
  • 251 journalists including 92 from abroad
  • 6 896 facebook fans
  • 1 210 523 pages viewed on www.europain.com