For exceptional candidates
 an exceptional jury!

The line-up for the 2018 Masters de la Boulangerie jury is particularly finely balanced. Requirements include: a high level of expertise, an open mind and vision, which must be combined and balanced with knowledge of the three competition specialities. The jury president, Johan SORBERG, now has five months to infuse his jury with the spirit of the competition and to prepare the jury members to select the three 2018 WORLD MASTER BAKERS.

The list of jury members is finally revealed:

  • Johan SORBERG, Sweden
  • Wayne CADDY, Great Britain
  • Moïses CARMONA, Costa Rica
  • Josep PASCUAL, Spain
  • Josef SCHROTT, Austria
  • William WONGSO, Indonesia

Throughout the challenges, the jury’s mission is to evaluate the candidates on their creations. In addition, during the “product show”, the candidates will undertake a proper oral defence in front of the jury.

This crucial, required and significant moment in this 3rd edition of the Masters is a chance for jury members to question the candidates in order to challenge them on their capacity to drive new trends.

Say goodbye to the traditional single score, much more is required to win the World Master Baker title! With this in mind, the jury must take into account not only the criteria of expertise but also the new criteria that make it possible to evaluate the ideas pursued by the candidates, sources of inspiration for the profession. Creativity and innovation are at the heart of this competition – and the jury members will be the ones to reveal them.

Initiated right at the beginning of the competition cycle*, during the 4th edition of the Louis Lesaffre Cup, the aspects of creativity, innovation and the Bake & Dine section have become challenges in the 2018 Masters de la Boulangerie. Christian VABRET, creator of the Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie and Honorary President of this competition cycle, supports this visionary approach and thus ensures its consistency throughout the cycle.

* Competition cycle: Louis Lesaffre Cup – Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie – Masters de la Boulangerie.