December 2016

International Catering Cup, World’s Best Caterer 2017

2017: 5th edition of the ICC, an amazing anniversary

Joël Mauvigney
President Founder of the International Catering Cup,
President of the CNCT,
Holder of the ‘Meilleur Ouvrier de France Charcutier-
Traiteur’ distinction

10 years! 10 years of a superb International Catering Cup adventure that brings together men and women from all over the world! Who would have believed it, when in 2007 I proposed that our trade also deserved to demonstrate its excellence and savoir-faire? It was quite a gamble, but the stakes were well worth it: reveal to the whole world the talent of the passionate men and women who stop at nothing to promote and highlight the rich diversity of the catering work.

The enthusiasm shown by the candidates and the top level of the creations achieved in the contest soon convinced us that we needed to expand beyond the European borders and open up the event to all countries in the world: the World championships for the Best Caterer was born.

Today, after rigorous national selection events, 12 teams will be competing in the fi nal of the contest over a period of two days. Although the candidates have in common the fundamentals of their profession, this is an opportunity for them to demonstrate their specifi cities, creative talent, and ingenuity, all to the benefi t of international gastronomy.

However, the true added value of the International Catering Cup goes beyond the preparations and creations. Consider the performance of these men and women who have chosen to come and pit their skills against one another. To achieve excellence they must possess exceptional qualities, including impeccable skills of course, which requires months of preparations and rehearsals, reinventing the basics of the trade; humility to approach the subject with respect; then also perseverance to resist discouragement in the face of diffi culty; determination to keep on going regardless of what happens; and fi nally a sense of perspective to cope with the intense pressure. Throughout the selection process, in addition to professional consecration, the candidates will have won a beautiful victory, a victory on themselves. 

But victory is not merely individual. Indeed, for the ICC there would be no success without the dedication of our partners. From the beginning, because they had faith in the future of this competition, their unwavering contribution has been key to the success of the event. In standing by our side they have demonstrated that all the components of our profession were capable of joining forces to serve a superb project. 

Thank you all. Let us enjoy together the fi fth anniversary of our wonderful contest! Let us continue our eff orts to ensure that our beautiful trade fi nds its rightful place and that I may have many more opportunities to celebrate with you.

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