30 November 2016



For its 30th anniversary, in keeping with its passionate and attentive quest to reflect modern cooking in line with its times, Bocuse d’Or places the emphasis on vegetal. For the dish on a plate participants in the 2017 grand finale will be required to prepare a creation that is 100 % vegetal, composed exclusively of fruits, vegetables, cereals, seeds or legumes.

“Cooking can only be beautiful when it brings us closer to nature” Régis Marcon, President of the Bocuse d’Or International Organizing Committee

100 % vegetal dish prepared by the Bocuse d’Or International Organizing Committee

What value do vegetal products bring to a dish? Can they be the central component? For years they were considered as a mere garnishing, something to accompany the main dish. It is now time to treat vegetal products as main ingredients in their own right and treat them just like fish or meat.
Bocuse d’Or is a real laboratory of worldwide cooking and intends to contribute to this debate by introducing a new challenge for its 24 finalists. In addition to the theme presented on a tray – chicken with shellfish – the candidates have one month to come up with a recipe that is 100% vegetal, based on a list of products available from the Metro Market, and also optionally 2 products from their country of origin.
As a result, Metro is the Official Supplier for the vegetal dish.

Many chefs have taken an interest is the subject in the past. However, much research still needs to be conducted in order to reveal and highlight the full flavours and taste of vegetal products. The approach has recently seen renewed interest and due to increased consumer awareness has become a real trend. The notion of balanced diet, the desire to eat good and healthy food, the consecration of vegan cuisine, which has become more than mere substitution cooking, all contribute to push the reflection further in many countries.
Tasty and gourmet, boasting a wide diversity of products, adapted to different cooking methods, facilitating new and infinite associations of flavours and textures, vegetal is also, possibly more so than any other product, the expression of a terroir. The result holds the promise of delicious and colourful gourmet creation! The Bocuse d’Or joins the debate.

Theme presented on a plate – Contest Rules & Regulations:
The candidates must prepare a recipe based on a vegetal theme to be presented on 14 identical plates. The dish may be hot, cold or both.
They will need to source their ingredients among the 146 products proposed at the Metro Market – Official Supplier for the vegetal dish – from a list including fruits, vegetables, cereals, seeds and legumes.
The chefs are also allowed to use 2 additional products representative of their country if these are not available from the Metro Market. This will help them translate their respective cultural and culinary heritage into their recipes. Indeed, geographical specificity and originality will count for 20% of the marks awarded for the dish presented on a plate.
Use of virgin oil from natural pressed fruit is authorised, as well as spices and vegetal gelling agents. However, the candidates are not allowed to use: flavoured oils, butter, cheese or any other dairy products.
The candidates have one month to imagine their recipe and return it to the International Organizing Committee before December 30th, 2016.

Bocuse d’Or, 24-25 January 2017
Espace des Chefs
An event by Sirha, 21-25 January 2017
Eurexpo Lyon, France