Faced with increasingly high and diversified consumer demands, professionals in the bakery-pastry industry must each day rethink their offering as well as their business and manufacturing method in order to satisfy these new expectations without impacting their productivity.

Among the three major themes “Manufacturing – Selling – Managing” highlighted by Europain for this edition, the section dedicated to Manufacturing in particular illustrates the extent of the creativity and innovation mobilised to satisfy a rapidly changing market. New equipment, new processes, new ingredients, all the solutions to answer customers’ expectations in terms of variety, quality and health today and for tomorrow are featured at Europain.


The rules have changed. In today’s bakery and pastry world, more than ever it is the consumers who determine the rules, as they now buy bread and cakes from many different types of outlets and at all times of the day.

Today, the offering must propose a maximum of variety and flexibility, even production ‘à la carte’, almost bespoke products to meet customers’ growing expectations: they want to taste different breads regularly with different and new sorts of bread, excellent taste properties, but also recipes that bring wellbeing and health, with total transparency as to the origin of the ingredients, in addition to specific diets (gluten-free, vegan or low salt).

“Before, bakers used to bake their products overnight to propose a batch of fresh warm bread in the morning. But today, customers want fresh bread at any time. This means we have to bake throughout the day, more frequently, in small batches. We need to organise our activity to this effect, with the right equipment and team organisation”
Joël Defives, MOF 2004, Head baker, La Boulangerie Thierry Marx, Paris.

Consequence: bakeries and pastry shops are now developing their offering and redesigning their shop space to include sales-to-go or in-store catering for example and adapting their production accordingly. Never has the need for investment, new ingredients, equipment and recipes been so strong.

“At our 3 (soon 4) sites we produce our viennoiseries and pastries in a central laboratory, whereas the bread is for the most part prepared and baked at each shop. We continue to make our bread using leaven, with no improvers or premix – in the same time we have invested in a Merand dividing machine that enables us to produce faster and in larger quantities, with a smaller team. We need to constantly adapt”  François Pozzoli, MOF Boulanger, Maison Pozzoli, Lyon.


Today, Europain brings together in one place all the solutions available to this rapidly changing industry.

In terms of production tools, the latest user-friendly solutions designed to optimise time and space will be actively illustrated before the visitors. For instance, Wiesheu compact ovens (Dibas Blue 64) that can recognise the quantity to bake, adapt the temperature, simple and quick to use, and other ovens such as Enodis MerryChef that now enable you to bake as one batch both large loaves and sandwich baguettes.

In terms of ingredients innovation is strong too. The choice on offer at Europain is unique, with an impressive variety of modern and ancient wheat flours. There are also all the products necessary to the pastry industry and many innovations such as LESAFFRE IBIS SR 30, a new substitute that reduces the salt content by 30% with no alteration to the perceived saltiness of the bread. Millers in particular will introduce their new products and also their services and advice for entrepreneurs and creators in the industry.

“As millers, and although we’re not in contact with consumers on a daily basis, we need to innovate and bring solutions to satisfy their new requirements. We do this by supporting bakers and working to develop new products. As an industry we’re looking at what happens upstream and downstream of our activity so as to better accompany all professionals in the bakery-pastry trade.” Lionel Deloingce, President of the Board of Directors – ANMF.


In addition to bringing together all the players, products and equipment in the sector, Europain acts as a real Think Tank for the industry. Visitors can find at the show the ideas and solutions that will enable them to consider different options for growth and to make enlightened decisions.

Europain Forum
During four days, cross-disciplinary themes addressed by professionals and experts, as well as national and international media, will be discussed and shared with the visitors. Many contributors will take part in the Forum to give their input on issues dealing with production and multiple other themes, for instance:

  • Ancient & modern wheats and its characteristics by Jean-François Berthelot, specialised on ancient wheat and Alain Bonjean, expert in modern seeds ;
  • Laboratory of the future, presented by François Bidoux (Matfer), Laure Ginesty (Inspection du Travail) and Pierre Canetto, (expert in acoustic at INRS) ;
  • For the first time in France, Stanley P. Cauvain, specialised on sandwich loaf will explain the development of sandwich loaf on an international scale ;
  • New manufacturing processes will be analysed by European Baker magazine.

Sources of inspiration, expertise and creativity, the Europain labs offer an opportunity for visitors to experience first-hand the latest practices and technology in bakery pastry. They will also feature the recipes created to answer the new customer expectations.

  • Baker’s Lab and the Restaurant Shop – coproduced with catering school Cuisine Mode d’Emploi(s) – will present a fully operational pop-up bakery-restaurant and an open bakehouse, including an innovative digital ordering solution.
  • Well-being and Health Lab – Co-produced with Boréa – will propose a varied programme of practical demonstrations and expert workshops in bakery, viennoiserie, pastry and light and well-balanced catering.
  • Intersuc Lab will present demonstrations in pastry, chocolate, confectionery and ice-cream making with the support of the most talented pastry chefs on trending themes such as gluten free, sugar and butter free chocolate…

Discover the programme and speakers on www.europain.com

New products and services at every corner
More than ever, the innovations in the industry will be at the heart of this edition of Europain: identified on each stand, they will also be included in themed visitor routes via website and the brand new dedicated app.
Professionals will also be given an opportunity to vote for the Europain Visitors’ Prize, among the products selected for the Europain Innovation Awards that will crown the most innovative products and services.