Montréal, Tuesday 16th August 2016



16-19 SEPTEMBER 2016


Montréal, Tuesday 16th August 2016. The international culinary festival Omnivore Montréal 2016 will take place from September 16 to 19th in partnership with Montréal cultural association ‘Société des arts technologiques’ [SAT]. For its 5th edition in Quebec and in order to keep abreast with the increasing enthusiasm for ‘young cuisine’ Omnivore will ramp up its offering to feature even more young creators, both local and from all over the world, who will perform on two separate stages. The events will include culinary demonstrations, dinners prepared by teams of local and visiting chefs as well as the festival’s famous party – Omnivorious by Badoit.

Free cooking demonstrations on a brand new stage!

On Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th September, culinary demonstrations will be staged at the Société des arts technologiques (SAT) venue. This year: two halls presenting two different approaches. Chefs Leigh Roper (Foxy, Montréal), John Winter Russel (Candide, Montréal), Guillaume Foucault (Pertica, France), Daniel Burns (Luksus, New-York), Pedro de Artagão (Irajà Gastro & Formidable, Rio de Janeiro), among others, will deliver their masterclass on the ‘Grande Scène’ of the Satosphère venue, whereas on the ground floor the ‘Scène Sourceurs‘ stage will welcome new guests: men and women who work the land and products proposing a healthy and sustainable form of agriculture. These artisans, stockbreeders, producers are at the very root and source of culinary creation.

The province of Québec boasts a wealth of assets and is home to many enthusiastic and fascinating personalities such as Yvan Perreault (Au Jardin des Noix), Jean-Martin Fortier (La ferme des Quatre-Temps), Loïc Dewavrin (Ferme Longprés) and Marc-André Cyr or Anicet Desrochers and Anne-Virginie Schmidt (Les Miels d’Anicet).

Omnivore culinary demonstrations are free. However, you must register online (via Omnivore’s website) in order to obtain tickets to the event.

OMNIVORIOUS BY BADOIT – Saturday 17th September – 7.30 pm @SAT

Of course, Omnivorious by Badoit will be on the menu! It’s the most off-the-wall culinary party of the year, packed with emotions and discoveries. 14 chefs from Montréal and other influential cities around the world get together for one evening only. The team will prepare more than 6,000 bouchées accompanied by natural wines and the eclectic sounds distilled by DJ Hatchmatik.

Simply curious or keen cuisine enthusiasts, participants will be able to taste creations by Marc-André Jetté (Hoogan & Beaufort, Montréal), Daniel Eddy (Rebelle, NYC), Marc-André Leclerc, Julien Burlat (Le Dôme, Anvers), Juan Lopez & Samuel Pinard (Farine, Montréal), Adrien Renaud (Food Lab, Montréal), Daniel Burns (Luksus, NYC) et Marc-Alexandre Mercier (Hotel Herman, Montréal), Cédric Nolet (Manitoba, Montréal) among others.

Tickets for the evening of Saturday 17th September are on sale at the following site for $39.25 (inc. tax):

‘Pop up Dinner’ and ‘Amazing Dinner’   

The festivities will start on Friday 16th September, SAT venue, at 7:30 pm. A most exceptional dinner prepared by three top chefs: Pedro de Artagão (Irajà Gastro & Formidable, Rio de Janeiro), Daniel Eddy (Rebelle, NYC) and Patrice Demers (Patrice Pâtissier).

A top level performance delivering gourmet cuisine off the beaten.

6 services + wines price: $120 (inc. tax)

Limited places available online:  

For this new edition the ‘Maudits soupers’ dinners change name to become the ‘Soupers des pas bons’ and will be even more delicious. Exceptionally, as part of the festival several restaurants in the city open their kitchens to a visiting chef in order to prepare majestic 4-hands dinners. Friday 16th September at Hotel Herman, Marc Alexandre Mercier will welcome Daniel Burns (Luksus, New-York) and on Sunday 18th, chef Julien Burlat will have the honour of settling in the kitchens of Charles-Antoine Crête at Montréal Plaza. Finally, on Monday 19th September, in the wake of their encounter in May earlier this year, Guillaume Foucault (Pertica) will once again concoct a dinner with John Winter Russell at the restaurant Candide.

Please make reservations directly with the restaurants.

Young Creator Award – Foodbook 2016

The Young Creator Award does not aim to determine which chef is the best of the best, far from it. Rather, it is a tribute to the remarkable and exceptional work of a chef and his/her team over the long term, a unique chef, boasting unique creative skills, capable of leaving a mark not only on Montréal, but also of promoting the city throughout the world.

As a result, for its sixth edition the Omnivore Foodbook – part magazine and part guide – is back with 180 pages dedicated to the latest news and developments in cuisine and the world of gastronomy. This issue also includes a guide to wine cellars and wine bars in France, an exhaustive 20-page report on agriculture, the challenges it faces and its future, as well as a trip to Hong Kong. It concludes with a vaporous encounter with Mathieu Vianney and David Toutain, between food for thought and the transcending of products.

The Food Book #6 can be purchased here. You will need to collect it at the SAT reception on September 17th and 18th.



Sept, 17th

11.00 > 11.35: Leigh Roper – Foxy (Montreal, Canada)

11.40 > 12.15: John Winter Russell – Candide (Montreal, Canada)

12.20 > 12.55: Jonathan Rassi – 400 Coups (Montreal, Canada)

1.00 > 1.35: Pedro de Artagao – Irajà Gastro & Formidable (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

2.30 > 3.00: TBC

3.05 > 3.40: Daniel Burns – Luksus (New York , USA)

3.45 > 4.20: Juan Lopez & Samuel Pinard – Farine (Montreal, Canada)

4.25 > 5.00: Julien Burlat – Le Dôme & Dôme Sur Mer (Antwerp, Belgium)

5.05 > 5.40: Patrice Demers – Patrice Pâtissier (Montreal, Canada)

Sept, 18th

11.00 > 11.35: Marc-André Jetté – Hoogan & Beaufort (Montreal, Canada)

11.40 > 12.15: Marc Landry – Landry & Filles (Montreal, Canada)

12.20 > 12.55: Jason Morris – Le Fantôme (Montreal, Canada)

1.00 > 1.35: Daniel Eddy – Rebelle (New York, USA)

2.30 > 3.00: Aaron Langille – Le Diplomate (Montreal, Canada)

3.05 > 3.40: TBC

3.45 > 4.20: Adrien Renaud – Food Lab (Montreal, Canada)

4.25 > 5.00: Antonin Mousseau-Rivard – Le Mousso (Montreal, Canada)

5.05 > 5.40: Guillaume Foucault – Pertica (Vendôme, France)


Sept, 17th

11.15 > 11.50: Francis Laroche & Fernande Ouellet (breeder) – Rusé Comme Un Canard (Granby, Canada)

11.55 > 12.30: Marc-André Cyr (baker) & Loïc Dewavrin (farmer) – Fermes Longprés (Les Cèdres, Canada)

12.35 > 1.10: Alex Cruz & Cyril Gonzalès (consultants) – Ecole Buissonnière (Montreal, Canada)

1.30 > 2.05

2.10 > 2.45: Segué Lepage (chef) – La Réserve du Comptoir (Montreal, Canada)

2.50 > 3.15: Anicet Desrochers & Anne Virginie Schmidt (apiarist) – Les Miels d’Anicet (Ferme-Neuve, Canada)

Sept, 18th

11.15 > 11.50: Yvan Perreault (nut producer) – Au Jardin des Noix (Saint-Ambroise-de-Kildare, Canada)

12h00 > 12h35 : Jean-Martin Fortier  (farmer) – Ferme des Quatre-Temps (Hemmingford, Canada)  

12h40 > 13h15 : Marc-André Jetté (chef) – Hoogan & Beaufort (Montreal, Canada) & Jean-Martin Fortier (farmer) – Ferme des Quatre-Temps (Hemmingford, Canada) 

1.30 > 2.05

2.10 > 2.45

2.50 > 3.15: Denis Ferrer (breeder) – Cerf de Boileau (St-Andre-Avellin)

OMNIVORIOUS PARTY – Sept, 17th at 7.30 pm

Julien Burlat – Le Dôme & Dôme Sur Mer (Antwerp, Belgium)

Daniel Burns – Luksus (New York, USA)
William Cody & Gil McNutt – Maïs (Montreal, Canada)

Daniel Eddy – Rebelle (New York, USA)

Guillaume Foucault – Pertica (Vendôme, France)

Marc-André Jetté – Hoogan & Beaufort (Montreal, Canada)

Marc-André Leclerc (Montreal, Canada)

Juan Lopez & Samuel Pinard – Farine (Montreal, Canada)

Simon Mathys – Accords (Montreal, Canada)
Marc-Alexandre Mercier – Hotel Herman (Montréal, Canada)
Antonin Mousseau-Rivard – Le Mousso (Montréal, Canada)

Cédric Nolet – Manitoba (Montreal, Canada)

Adrien Renaud – Food Lab (Montreal, Canada)


Sept, 16th 2016 / 7.30 > 11.30 pm

Pedro de Artagão (Irajà Gastro & Formidable, Rio de Janeiro), Daniel Eddy (Rebelle, NYC) & Patrice Demers (Patrice Pâtissier)

@ SAT – 6 services (wine included) – 120 $ with taxes


Sept, 16th 2016

Marc-Alexandre Mercier, Daniel Burns –  Luksus (New York, USA) @ Hotel Herman
Menu with beer pairing – 125$ + taxes + service

Sept, 18th 2016

Charles-Antoine Crête, Julien Burlat – Le Dôme & Le Dôme sur Mer (Antwerp, Belgium) @ Montréal Plaza

Sept, 19th 2016

John Winter Russell, Guillaume Foucault – Pertica (Vendôme, France) @ Candide

Source : Omnivore / Photo copyright: Michael Bandassak