22 FEVRIER 2018


From June 17th to 19th, 2018 Eurexpo-Lyon in France will feature the very first edition of Sirha Green. GL Events – a world leading events agency – has created this brand new event specifically for professionals in the responsible Food Service sector. In addition to the offering presented by a plethora of exhibitors, Sirha Green also proposes a central Agora that will stage many demonstrations by chefs, it will also serve to host exchanges among professionals, several themed contests, a fully functional kitchen as well as a ‘100% Green’ restaurant. Highlights of the event:


The ‘Talks’ – a series of roundtables for and by professionals: ‘sourcing locally vs via a distributor’, ‘recycling biowaste’, ‘what equipment for my kitchen?’, ‘who are the new eaters?’ … are some the themes that will addressed (approximately fifteen) by more than 40 expert contributors. These 45-minute exchanges between professionals are designed to promote product innovations and highlight best practices for chefs. A famous chef and top representatives of the Food Service industry will also take part in these conferences that will be held as a series of roundtables.

‘When the chefs speak to the chefs’ or the art of culinary demonstrations: throughout the trade show the Agora Green area will stage a series of inspiring and instructive culinary demonstrations. Chefs who are already engaged in the responsible food approach and contribute to different Sirha events will present their creations: a vegetal dish by a chef from the Bocuse d’Or family (former winners or members of Team France); a local creation by a chef from the Omnivore network; a classic dish revisited by a reputed starred chef and a demonstration featuring a sustainable dessert presented by a pastry chef from the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie family. A fully outfitted Green Kitchen will be available to the chefs on this occasion.

Green kitchen, a fully outfitted kitchen: the demonstrations will be delivered in a professional kitchen arranged and fully outfitted with the latest appliances in line with recent environmental standards. Installed in partnership with CINOV Restauconcepteurs® – professional association specialised in food and hospitality engineering – the Green Kitchen will boast low energy consumption thus proving that sustainable kitchen can also be profitable.


More than one hundred exhibitors presenting products and services for professionals: segmented into five sections (sourcing of products & beverages; appliances and equipment; transport and logistics; restaurant room and shop design, table decoration and new technologies), players catering to the Food Service industry will present their offering in terms of procurement and labelling, production management tools, new green solutions for distribution, transport and storage, sustainable solutions for kitchen and dining room design, new technologies as well as new services and providers to the sector. This offering will introduce the new responsible options that are available to all types of food service: commercial catering, mass catering, snacking, hospitality, food trade, and to decision-makers, purchasers, and users.

Green Table restaurant ‘100% green’: equipment, products, tableware, design … the whole environment of a ‘Green’ restaurant will be presented to the visitors, with advice and ideas to inspire professionals in the industry. In partnership with Lyon think-tank La Commune and the Institut Paul Bocuse.

The Green Awards: following the model of the French ‘Palmes de la Restauration’, the Leaders Club France will present prizes to restaurants that propose an innovative and responsible approach. A selection of concepts in line with a sustainable development approach will be submitted to a jury of professionals.

Don’t miss it: June 17-19, 2018 Eurexpo, Lyon, France, for the first edition of SIRHA GREEN, 1st event dedicated to Responsible Food Service