12 DECEMBER 2018



The Sirha Innovation Awards 2019 were awarded on Tuesday 11th, December 2018 at The Ecole Ferrandi in Paris. The 12 winners – 8 in the “Products – Beverages – Ingredients” category and 4 in the “Equipment – Appliances – Concepts” category successfully convinced the jury composed of chefs, professionals in the food service industry, nutritionists, designers and journalists from the international press.

Supported by CIC, the initiative is a great springboard for the winners as well as the other entrants as they enjoy exceptional visibility in the eyes of 200,000 professionals over a period of 5 days.

Among the 365 projects that entered the contest, 32 nominees were retained to take part in an oral presentation where they were required to defend their innovative products or solutions within a limited time. The criteria taken into account included: the ease and cost of implementation, aesthetics of the equipment or product, taste and nutritive properties, quality, as well as advantages with respect to energy saving and limitation of waste.

For this contest, exhibitors could enter the recent innovations they will be presenting at the trade show. However, they were required to prove that these represented either breakthrough (completely new) or incremental (significant improvement) innovations.

The winners in the category Products – Beverages – Ingredients – placed the emphasis on vegetal and natural ingredients for better health or enjoyment, by creating new emotions or a new taste experience (DAREGAL, SENS GOURMET, PCB). They also propose an alternative to proteins (OLMIX, AGRO SOURCING), nourishing ingredients (BONDUELLE, ICI&LA) and products enriched with fibres beneficial to the intestinal microbiota (BRIDOR).

The winners in the category – Equipment – Appliances – Concepts – focused on ease of use, flexibility of installation and usage, to create new opportunity or reduce limitations, whilst optimising energy efficiency. (CAPIC, ENODIS, FRIGINOX, SOFINOR). The GREEN special mention was awarded to INDUTEX for their APIFILM.

The Awards Ceremony will take place Sunday 27th January 2019 at 2 pm on the Sirha TV set – Food Studio (Place des Lumières). The winners’ products and equipment will be displayed during the 5 days of the event in the dedicated “Sirha Innovation Awards 2019” section situated in the heart of the Sirha venue.

Winners in the category “Products – Beverage – Ingredients”

  • BEURRE DE CACAO PURE ÉMOTION by PCB CREATION : PCB Création have designed a range of eight fruity cocoa butters to be used as velours or with a gun for pastry and chocolate creations. 100% natural and colouring-free the cocoa butters also have a higher fibre content than a classical recipe, thus conferring enhanced elasticity and perfect holding for the finishing touches.
  • CUB’EAZE BIO by DAREGAL : In line with the growing market of smoothies and other detox beverages, Daregal – specialists of aromatic plants – have developed a range of frozen cubes composed only of nutritional herbs (mild mint, basil, parsley). Ready to mix directly in with fruits or vegetables, a simple cube of 7 g is enough to boost a 25 cl beverage in no time, without any hassle of washing and cleaning.
  • EMULSEA by OLMIX : Based on the properties of algae, Emulsea is the ideal natural texturing agent to prepare emulsions and mousses. 100% vegan and allergen-free Emulsea can be used to remplace egg yolks in many preparations targeting consumers seeking to enjoy food that that is free of animal products.
  • ORGANIC GREEN BANANA FLOUR by AGRO SOURCING : Whether you are looking for gluten-free texturing agents or simply fond of the banana flavour, this green banana flour offers a new alternative to bind a recipe. Prepared using finely crushed, peeled and dried green bananas, this flour is easy to use in sweet and savoury dishes, with the ability to confer moistness to a cake or smoothness to a cold beverage.
  • MIE BIOTE MULTIFIBRES by BRIDOR : Pioneer in innovation for the bakery industry, Bridor launches a baguette composed of vegetal fibres specifically selected for their beneficial effects on the intestinal microbiota. The recipe required three years of research associated with a clinical study by French CRNH-69 and INRA that confirms a significant impact in lowering cholesterol in consumers who eat these baguettes.
  • BIO SOUP HARI&CO by ICI & LÀ : Hari&Co launches a range of three soups based on legumes that offer unique flavours: green lentils – kale cabbage – ginger, chickpeas – peppers – curry and red beans – violet carrots – colombo. 100% additive free, boasting AB label and made in France, these preparations are available in individual packaging and can be enjoyed hot and cold, as part of a meal or when you’re feeling peckish, with all the nutritional properties of an actual meal (400 Kcal and 16 g proteins).
  • RED LENTILS AND CARROT NUGGETS by BONDUELLE : Neither pasta nor rice, Bonduelle nuggets are composed of a unique association of vegetables and legumes: coral lentils & carrots, chickpeas & corn and split & courgettes. Drawing on the gustative properties of the one and the texturing properties of the other, these ‘vegetal seeds’ are gluten-free but are a great source of fibres and proteins. They are ideal as salads, risotto… and why not, as desserts.
  • CRUNCHY VINEGAR FLAKES by SENS GOURMET : Vinegar has always conferred the acidity required to the preservation of food as well as undisputed digestives properties. Traditionally available as a liquid, it has recently been proposed as a cream or in powder form. It is now proposed as crunchy flakes (balsamic, wine and raspberry) with a unique and surprising texture: in salads, soups, as a topping, and why not, in a sweet recipe or a cocktail drink.

Winners in the category “Equipment – Appliances – Concepts”

  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT TABLE by SOFINOR : No need to bend over or stand on a booster step to work. The table adapts to your requirements thanks to a voice command electrical system that adjusts the height of the legs. The table is also designed so that persons with reduced mobility can at last work comfortably.
  • MULTIFUNCTION MOBILE CABINET AMCF-15 GN1/1 by FRIGINOX : Hot and cold in the same unit! A clever solution thanks to this mobile unit that can keep the dishes and products cold (+1° C) or warm (+80° C). Depending on the needs of the moment it is easy to change the location and function of the cabinet in no time.
  • CATERING CIRCLE by ENODIS : Particularly suited to the requirements of caterers and event organisers, Catering Circle is a modular system composed of different units that can be fitted together in different configurations to adapt to the space available. Fast and easy to assemble, this mobile kitchen also features an integrated extraction system and technology that records the processes in a safe manner.
  • PLANCHA PLASMA PMD by CAPIC : Compared with classic electrical resistance technology including induction, the Plancha Plasma PMD represents a new generation of heating solutions. Ultra-efficient, its power consumption is significantly reduced: up to 67% power savings thanks to adjustment per zone (50 to 250 °C). The PMD system makes it possible to reach 200° C within 6 minutes and to control the temperature accuracy within one degree.

Special mention “Green”

Apifilm by Indutex was awarded the special mention “Green”. The judges decided that this product fully deserved this reward in view of its engagement toward sustainable development, even though further development is still required to adapt its use to all forms of catering. No more single-use plastic wrap film or aluminium foil! Indutex has developed a natural cotton fabric that is soaked in bee wax to wrap food products and better preserve them. Product advantages: can be moulded into shape, self-adhesive, and importantly it is washable and can be reused for up to one year, after which it can be composted to avoid any waste.


  • Catégorie “Produits – Boissons – Ingrédients” : PURE EMOTION COCOA BUTTER (PCB Création) – VANILLA BUBBLES (Eurovanille) – CORMAN SCULPTURE ( Savencia Fromage & Dairy Foodservice) –  BIO CUB’EAZE (Daregal) – EMULSEA, CLEAN-LABEL ALGOSOURCE INGREDIENT (Olmix) – ORGANIC GREEN BANANA FLOUR (Agro Sourcing) – CRUNCHY VINEGAR FLAKES (Sens Gourmet) – SUPERCRUNCH FRESH FRIES (Aviko BV) – VEGAN ICE-CREAM (La Compagnie des Desserts) – L’ARTISTE DE MONIN (Georges Monin SAS) – MIE BIOTE MULTIFIBRES (Bridor) – COOKED CAULIFLOWER SEMOLINA (Gelagri) – RED LENTILS & CARROTS NUGGETS (Bonduelle Europe Long Life) – POWDERED  KRILL (Algues de Bretagne) – STAYCRISP (Mc Cain Alimentaire) – SUPER SOUP BIO HARI & CO  (Ici & Là) – VEGELIAN – VEGETAL BINDER (La Bovida)

  • Catégorie “Matériels – Equipements – Concepts” : ACTIVATION (CHD Expert) – APIFILM (Indutex) – MOBILE MULTIFUNCTION CABINET AMC-15 GN1/1 (Friginox) – CATERING CIRCLE (Enodis France) – D-VINE CONNECT (10-Vins) – KITCHEN PRO OXY  ( Ecolab) – HOBART GLASS WASHER PREMAX GP  (Comagine Hobart) – M-ICLEAN H XL (Meiko France) – NEAPOLIS 510° / FOUR A PIZZA (Eberhardt Frères) – PLANCHA PLASMA PMD (Capic) – HERB BASED SET & SACCHETTO “LEAF” (Duni) – SOSA BOT: 1st CHATBOT FOR CHEFS (Sosa Ingrédients) – VOICE COMMAND ADJUSTABLE TABLE  (Sofinor) – KA3 MUG (EBH)