Décembre 2016


At the crossroad of World Food Service, Sirha highlights and inspires all sectors in the catering and hospitality industry thanks to over 21 contests and 10 animation stages*. Organized or co-produced with engaged partners, true reference in their trade, each event is a performance not to be missed.

These contests elicit emulation, stimulate exchange of ideas and drive forward all professions both in terms of technique and creativity. Food Studio, Sixieme Sens or Wine Bar depict unique creations, surprising experiences to better understand the future of Food Service. True inspiration for professionals, contests and animations during Sirha decipher the trends and innovation of each trade.

* Café Show, Cuisines on Stage, Espace des chefs, Food Studio, Pastry & Ice-cream house,  Sirha TV, Sixieme Sens, Bakery trends Stage, Food Trade Village, Wine Bar.


Saturday 21st – Wednesday 25th January 2017, 9am – 6pm
Place des Lumières

Since 2009, Food Studio has been an ideal platform for innovation in Food Service, a living laboratory that stages extraordinary culinary experimentations. It host the Web TV Sirha and Food/Print exposition. In 2017 Bridor, the Centre Culinaire Contemporain and Omnivore will present new prototypes inspired by the 5 trends identified by Loeb Innovation and Sirha. This year, the reviews address the major generational stakes. Because different generations of guest influence each other mutually and form broad families with common aspirations, creating new priorities for innovation in catering:

  • Hybrid formats in food service
  • Ecological focus
  • New closeness with chefs
  • Requirement for wellbeing
  • Transcended geographical borders


BRIDOR offers you a multi-generational exploration of our ancestral know-know which are bread and pastry doughs. Welcome to the Pain Perdu*! BRIDOR commits to this approach. Au Pain Perdu* creates, recycles and revisits a classic cost-saving from our grandmothers. Because every generation has its own world view, 4 chefs have made some personalized versions: Guy Krenger (MOF 1988 and 1996), Fabrice Brunet (MOF 2011) and Alain Blanchard. Think ahead to your digitized discovery by selecting your options on the BRIDOR app.
* French toast


The Centre Culinaire Contemporain (3C) – a culinary & food innovation platform – is an innovative and alternative living lab. A new Food Studio Sirha 2017 partner, it deciphers, co-creates, experiments with and inspires the future of the food industry:

  • eat4D: 3D food printing and food-tech opportunities as drivers of innovation,
  • Tailor-made textures: customised food for ageing populations – an issue for today’s society,
  • 100% allergen-free: an issue overcome by chefs who are conscious of special dietary requirements,
  • New sector: an urban farm that grows food vertically inside a container in the heart of the city,

Product of the future: turkey and the debate between modern and traditional French poultry farming and other fun and tasty hybrids: hibiscus cider, a community fridge, and more!


Omnivore entrusts its Food Studio 2017 to 35 chefs, artisans, and wine-makers: thirty-five 35-minute masterclasses over five days of extraordinary cooking demonstrations, during which we will talk products, terroirs, roots, and also evolution, new visions and sharing.

Each day, the Omnivore corner welcomes chefs from Lyon and surrounding area like:

  • Hubert Vergoin (Le Substrat, Lyon), Saturday 21st January, 10:30 am
  • Sébastien Bouillet (Bouillet, Lyon), Saturday 21st January, 4:15 am
  • Jean Michel Carrette (Aux Terrasses, Tournus), Sunday 22nd January, 2 pm
  • Joseph Viola (Daniel et Denine, Lyon), Sunday 22nd January, 3:30 pm
  • Mathieu Rostaing Taillard (Café Sillon, Lyon), Monday 23rd January, 12pm
  • Gaëtan Gentil (Le Prairial, Lyon), Monday 23rd  January, 2 pm
  • Thierry Marx (A Point Café, Lyon), Monday 23rd January, 4:15 pm
  • Grégory Cuilleron (5 Mains, Lyon), Tuesday 24th January, 2 pm
  • Connie Zagora & Laurent Ozan (The Kitchen Café, Lyon), Tuesday 24th January 3:30 pm


Sirha’s major culinary design exhibition, designed by Emmanuel Chevalier in collaboration with PCB Creation, always offers the opportunity to discover the trends from the authors’ point of view.

Modern artists, pastry chefs, graphic designers, fish mongers, designers, butchers, tattoo artists, stylists, and cooks, inspired newcomers or world famous celebrities, all come here to immerse themselves in the theme of the 2017 edition: the relationship between words, design and food. Exploring a realm where dishes and designs blend together or clash to offer food for thought and quench our appetite for renewal: bacon tattoo, ‘trompe-l’œil’ cake, printed soup or coffee, laser-engraved noodles with Raymond Quenaud poetry, laser engraved peanuts or printed crisps…

The creations designed by : Sylvie Amar,  culinary designer, Jérôme de Oliveira, Pastry world champion 2009, Quentin Bailly, Pastry world champion 2013, Philippe Rigollot, Pastry MOF and Pastry world champion 2005, Christophe Adam, Lilian Bonnefoi, pastry chef, Claire Heitzler,  pastry chef of the year 2013, Pauline Calippe, Centre Culinaire Contemporain, Cédric Grollet, pastry chef at Meurice and pastry chef of the year, Aoife Field, artist, ENSBA Lyon, Jean Luc Viannet, MOF fishmonger, Guillaume Dagoreau, compagnon boulanger, Sonia Verguet, culinary designer, Travi Lam, Tattoo artist, Village des Créateurs, Eléonore Gleize, chef, Cyril Casanova, textil designer and a lot more.


With journalists Carinne Teyssandier, Michel Tanguy and Tiffany Conroy, Sirha Web TV presents an overview of the markets that are present at the trade exhibition. On the menu: top chefs, experts and players in the

market who will contribute over 5 days with a series of interviews, practical demonstrations, roundtables and conferences in the afternoon.

Guillaume Gomez, Christian Le Squer, Sébastien Bouillet, Grégory Cuilleron, Denni Imbroisi, Eric Kayser, Thomas Keller, Rasmus Koefed, Philippe Rigollot, specialized professors, experts and exhibitors will participate.

This edition will feature 5 main themes:

  • Digital for the catering industry and trades: impact and opportunities, Monday 23rd January
  • Sustainable development and responsible catering, Tuesday 24th January
  • Design: key for success (products, layouts, tableware, stores…), Wednesday 25th January
  • Gluten free & co: Obligation or trend? How to manage? Sunday 22nd January
  • Recruitment, training, management – what challenges? Saturday 21st January

Discover the program: http://www.sirha.com/fr/programme-web-tv


Coproduced by Sirha & Institut Paul Bocuse
Saturday 21st – Wednesday 25th January 2017, 9am – 6pm
Hall 6

Sixième Sens is a real multi-concept restaurant and reveals the latest original products and innovations in table decoration. Each edition features new concepts of increasingly creative restaurants that illustrate the latest trends in Food Service. Developed in collaboration with Institut Paul Bocuse students, those concept will served over 1000 meals in 5 days.

CURIOSITÉ : reinterpreting the former classics 

NATIVE : worldwide vegetarian cuisine

THEATRE : when the room becomes a show

SILVA : when nature speaks

CHAMPAGNISSIME : Glamourous Lounge


Coproduced by Sirha & Institut Paul Bocuse
Saturday 21st – Wednesday 25th January 2017, 9am – 6pm
Wine Bar, Place des Vins, Hall 6

Wine Bar 2017 boasts a brand new style featuring life-sized illustrations of the latest trends in interior decoration. A co-production by Institut Paul Bocuse & Sirha that invites visitors to come and discover regional wines in a premium space, at the heart of the Place des Vins section.

Wine Bar presents a concept developed by Institut Paul Bocuse students: the OWL WINE CLUB, discover in a casual ambiance Rhone valley and Beaujolais wines. Come to let yourself guide by our team of sommeliers who will make you enjoy an emotional, sensorial travel through the pleasure of the taste. The OWL WINE CLUB, when innovation meets emotions.



Organized by Confédération Nationale des Charcutiers Traiteurs
Saturday 21st January 2017
Award ceremony: Saturday 21th  January 2017, 5:30pm


The International Catering Cup brings together caterers from around the world to test their talent and crown the best among them. The twelve countries taking part in the event all have in common the motivation to surpass themselves and transcend their techniques to offer truly exceptional creations.

This year marks the 5th edition of the ICC which continues its impressive development. On this occasion, Bernard Le Prince is appointed President of Honour of this great event, with the exceptional presence of Fabrice Prochasson (MOF 1996) at his side for the tasting and the presentation of a new prize awarded for the ‘Best Dessert’. Canada and Singapore will be taking part in the competition for the very first time!


An event Sirha
Sunday 22nd – Monday 23rd January 2017
Award ceremony: Monday 23rd January 2017, 6 pm


Composed of a pastry chef, a chocolate maker and an ice-cream specialist, 22 teams from all over the world have 10 hours in which to prepare as follows: 12 identical desserts served on a plate, 3 chocolate desserts, 3 frozen fruits desserts, as well as 3 artistic creations: one made of sugar, one out of sculpted hydric ice and one made of chocolate.

Inspiring trends, the Coupe du Monde de Pâtisserie facilitates the emergence of new pastry nations (India, Indonesia, and Chile). Excellence, passion, human approach, sharing, open onto the world, sustainable development… these are some of the proud values promoted by the contest, which President of Honor for this edition will be Kamal Rahal Essoulami, who contributed to the development of pastry art in Morocco.

New Points for 2017:

  • A Flower made of sugar (rose, carnation or orchid) must now be included in the artistic piece,
  • Chocolate molding must now be hollow and no longer solid,
  • The Top 5 will replace the Top 7 for the 2019 edition (only 5 countries will obtain direct participation in the final),
  • Philippe Rigollot – holder of the ‘MOF pâtissier’ distinction – is the new president of the contest. He will contribute live technical commentary throughout the tests.
  • A new Eco-responsible prize is introduced to encourage participants to optimize their use of the supplied products,
  • India, Indonesia and Chile will be joining the final of the international event for the first time.


An event Sirha
Tuesday 24th – Wednesday 25th January 2017
Award ceremony: Wednesday 25th January 2017, 6 pm


In January 1987, Paul Bocuse created the Bocuse d’Or, a unique gastronomic show. 30 years on, the contest is the stuff of dreams for young chefs all over the world, ready to sacrifice everything in order to take part and win the trophy that has become the ‘grail of gastronomy’. On January 24th and 25th 2017, the contest will be celebrating its 30th anniversary with panache, featuring a rich program packed with surprises! World famous Michelin-star chef Joël Robuchon will be president of honor of the contest he presided over… 30 years ago!

24 international candidates are now aware of the two themes:

  • Theme on a tray: Bresse Chicken and crayfish
  • Theme on a plate: 100 % vegetal


Saturday 21st – Wednesday 25th January 2017, 9 am – 6 pm
Award ceremonies: Tuesday 24th January 2017, 5:15 pm
Hall 6


Café Show invites to discover the best baristas in France competing to push their art to the maximum. When preparing an espresso is high end expertise and a sporting challenge as well. When Latte Art is shown at this best level; when coffee is flirting with the world of Bartending. Café Show will also propose 25 masterclasses.

Organized by SCAE (Specialty Coffee Association of Europe)
Saturday 21st – Sunday 22nd January 2017**

The most complete contest. The competitors submit a three part program in which they have to demonstrate their skills. Knowledge of the coffee they have chosen, quality of their preparation and service, customer service skills with the judges, creativity of their signature drink. Three drinks to present: espressos, latte art and signature drink.

Organized by SCAE
Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd January 2017**

Its spectacular and creative sides always captivate the customer. Judges and the audience should be too. Competitors must show two talents: ability to reproduce draws on the foam by pouring the milk in the cup and boundless creativity.

Organized by SCAE
Monday 23rd – Tuesday 24th January 2017**

Trendy Competition! Creativity of the competitor is at stake. But, Beware! Mixing coffee and alcohol is not enough. Judges want to be seduced by knowledge, technical skills, texture, taste and balance of the drinks between coffee and cocktail ingredients. Irish Coffee should be prepared according inspiration as well as the free drink realizations.

Organized by SCAE
Monday 23rd January 2017**

More information on www.sirha.com

** Program subject to modification. More information on www.sirha.com

Saturday 21st – Wednesday 25th January 2017
Hall 2.2

Cuisines en Scène is a living and attractive showcase for the catering industry and trades thanks to 10 contests during 5 days.


Organized by Masse la Maison du Foie Gras
Saturday 21st January –10 am à 12:10 pm
Award ceremony: 1pm

The Maison MASSE has been a specialist in Foie Gras and truffles since 1884, a family company for 4 generations dedicated to Chefs, and recognized by the profession. To share this passion, the MASSE trophy was created 30 years ago.

For the first time, a battle with the Trophy Masse’s winners is organized. The juries which gather women from the gastronomic press, will be chaired by Guillaume Gomez (MOF 2004, Elysée executive chef). Alain Le Cossec (MOF 1991, Institut Paul Bocuse) will be responsible for the competition’s technical supervision. The public will be able to taste the chef’s creations.


Organized by Service à la Française

Saturday 21st January, 2 pm – 6:30 pm
Award ceremony: 6 pm

This very first Maître d’Hôtel Trophy is the fruit of extensive thought and discussion between industry professionals from all types of establishments on the role dining room and hospitality services play in France’s art of welcoming guests.

The six finalists will need all their creativity, skills and expertise to complete the staged events: setting a table including the creation of a floral decoration; matching cheese, wine and bread; making a dish using citrus fruits; checking and presenting a food menu and making a hot cocktail.

The jury will be composed of prestigious professionals chaired by Phillippe Bourguignon, former director of Laurent restaurant in Paris, and François Pipala, Director of L’Auberge du Pont de Collonges à Collonges-au-Mont-d’Or.


Organized by Union des Fromagers d’Auvergne Rhône-Alpes 
Sunday 22nd January 2017, 8:30 am – 12:30 pm
Award ceremony: 12:00 pm

The candidates will highlight the products on imposed themes through their work. All tests are aiming at showing the essential qualities of a cheesemaker: cheese culture, blind tasting, preparation and presentation of a cheese board and dexterity.

Three awards will be given: the National Cheese Contest Trophy, Philippe Olivier Award for the candidate who will get the highest score in the cheese test culture (MCQ) and the Rabelais nomination among young talent for the first 3 under 26 years old.


Organized by Syndicat des Poissonniers Ecaillers Rhône-Alpes
Sunday 22nd January 2017, 8:30 am – 12:30
Award ceremony: 5 pm


20 candidates will compete in a speed contest with 120 oysters from 3 different pond to open quickly and cleanly. At the end of this trial, the judges will identify 12 finalists who will compete for 2 hours in front of a jury of professionals including Best Craftsman of France (Meilleur Ouvrier de France). Program: Opening oyster, execution and presentation of a seafood platter for 4 people, facing the audience.


8 finalists who have two hours to prepare fish, lay out his fillets on a bed of ice (decorations provided). A flagship product will be put forward for the occasion. This event chaired by Etienne Chavirer, Best Craftsman of France (Meilleur Ouvrier de France) 2007, demand precision and a perfect set, close to the art of painting of the great masters.


Organized by Le Chef Magazine

Monday 23rd January, 9 am – 5:30 pm

For this 12th event, 24 Chefs (by 6 Chefs groups) are planned to create a recipe they selected themselves during one hour. Stéphane Rotenberg will host this event, together with a famous Michelin starred Chef. All the recipes will then be analyzed and explained to the public in order to promote the French culinary art and gastronomy.


Organized by Union de la Boucherie du Rhône

Monday 23rd January, 6 pm – 8 pm
Award ceremony: 8:15 pm

The profession of butcher is honored during this event with a worldwide dimension! 8 pairs, 6 challenges, 4 hours of competition. This competition aims to highlight the expertise of butchers, candidates are judged on the working techniques of the meat before cooking.

For this edition, butchers workers and apprentices compete on the theme: “The many flavors of the meat from the Rhône-Alpes region.


Organized by Syndicat des Charcutiers Traiteurs

Monday 23rd January, 9 am – 11:30 am

Award ceremony: 12 am

In order to get in the competition applicants must necessarily be: under 21 years old and under an apprenticeship training to be a catering butcher.

This year the candidates will focus on two subjects. The first is the cured pork pâté. A bowl of vegetables seasoned with fresh herbs. The second topic is the cured meat piece consisting of pork galantine with exotic fruits.


Organized by Restau’Co
Tuesday 24th January 2017, 1:30 pm – 7 pm
Award ceremony: 7 pm

Final of the 15th GARGANTUA, competition for the best community cook of France.

Sponsored by Marc Foucher, Chef Meilleur Ouvrier of France 2004, this final created 30 years ago, the GARGANTUA illustrates good practices and expertise of Chefs of catering under direct management (63% of catering in France).

Whether in schools, businesses, hospitals, government offices, nursing homes, kindergartens, etc., in the community of chefs cook for the pleasure of their guests every day. A profession that combines product selection, creation of recipes adapted to everyone, mastering specific techniques, taste education during meal.

Gargantua is open to all community cooks selected region folder and test public contes


Organized by WorldChefs
Monday 25th January, 9 am – 6 pm
Award ceremony: 4 pm

After 2 years of intense competition around the world, 7 semi-finals putting against each other the skills of 21 young chefs from 21 countries, the Global Young Chef Challenge Final will be taking place during Sirha Lyon 2017 on the 25th of January 2017

This competition will see the 8 finalists from Australia, Singapore, Germany, USA, United Arab Emirates, Italy, Sweden, France, battling for the Hans Bueschkens Trophy including the host country representative from France. The competitors will have to prepare and present a 3 course menu of 6 servings in the required timeframe – 3 hours


Saturday 21st – Wednesday 25th January 2017
Hall 4


Co-organized by Association pour la Promotion des Arts de la Pâtisserie & le Syndicat des Pâtissiers, Chocolatiers, Glaciers du Rhône
Saturday 21st January, 9 am – 3 pm
Award ceremony: 4:30 pm

Under the patronage of the French National Ice-Cream Makers Federation and the National Association of Ice Sculptors, the 8th Frozen Dessert Open aims to showcase the ice-cream making profession.

6 candidates will compete for 7 hours to produce 2 desserts for 8 people, 1 ice sculpture and 1 nougatine creation.


Organized by Association pour la Promotion des Arts de la Pâtisserie & le Syndicat des Pâtissiers
Sunday 22nd – Monday 23rd January, 9 am – 5 pm and 9 am – 11:30 am
Award ceremony: 3 am

The 3rd French Championship of Pastry Arts turns as a spotlight on those who will be the future generation of professionals.

The teams will have 3 ½ hours to produce one original artistic pastry composition, one artistic chocolate piece, one artistic sculpted ice composition and 3 identical plated dessert.


Co-organisé par l’Association pour la Promotion des Arts de la Pâtisserie & le Syndicat des Pâtissiers
Mardi 24 et mercredi 25 janvier, 9h00– 15h00
Remise des prix : 17h00

Le Championnat Européen du Sucre a pour objectif de mettre en lumière le métier de pâtissier. Les 12 candidats ont 7 heures pour réaliser une pièce artistique en différents sucres cuits travaillés : tirés, soufflés, coulés, etc.


Saturday 21st – Wednesday 25th January 2017
Hall 4.2

Bakery trends stage features the technical innovations, new ingredients, and latest trends in the sector that are illustrated with contests and contributions by experts from the industry


An event Sirha
Saturday 21st– Monday 23rd January 2017, 9 am – 6 pm
Award ceremony: Monday 23rd January, 5 pm

For this 13th edition, 12 teams composed of 3 candidates – men/women – will pit their skills against one another in workshops facing the public. They will face 3 tests: bread, viennoiserie and artistic creation.

Many new points are introduced for the 2017 edition of the contest:

  • A new stage arrangement, more spacious and modern, offering more clarity with contest kitchens open onto the stage,
  • New marking criteria (waste optimization, cleanliness/hygiene),
  • Each day: 45-minute roundtables addressing the latest developments and challenges for the bakery industry worldwide with professional contributors recognized in the trade,
  • A common ‘bakery catering’ test involving the participants from the 3 categories who must join forces to create savory products at a reasonable price, for out-of-home catering, in a spirit of modernity, originality, and innovation,
  • Improvisation will be a must, as the candidates will be required to create their recipes based on ingredients that are determined by drawing lots.

Organized by Union Internationale de Boulangers et Pâtissiers
Tuesday 24th – Wednesday 25th January 2017 – 9 am – 6 pm
Award ceremony: Wednesday 25th January, 4 pM

For the first time, Sirha will welcome the 46th edition of the International Competition for Young Bakers. This contest gathers, for two days, the most promising international baker students. Every team is composed of two candidates who will have to meet seven categories in order to get the first place: “bread”, “bread from mystery box”, “bread rolls”, “sweet yeast pastries”, “Danish pastries”, “cake or showpiece” and “sandwich”.

Nine countries are represented this year: Germany, Brazil, Spain, France, Denmark, Hungary, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Switzerland.

3 Round tables:

  • “Bakery: do ‘Made in France’ and snacking products make money?” Saturday 21st January – 10.45 am to 11.20 am

Christian VABRET, vice-president of the French National Confederation of Bakery-Pastry, Philippe GODARD: Member of the FEBP (French Federation of Bakery Entrepreneurs), Jacques DEBUICHE, director of customer relations – LOSTE Tradi France

  •  “Fighting the competition: opportunities in New Technologies and digital for bakeries” Sunday 22nd January –  10.45 am to 11.20 am

Nicolas PERROUD, Associate Director – ANIKOP, Jean-Luc PINSON, consultant & director of Prospective and Development, Thierry MEUNIER, MOF and director of MEUNIER bakeries

  •  “Different types of fermentation: pros and cons?” Monday 23rd January – 10.45 am to 11.20 am

Eric KAYSER, director of KAYSER bakeries, Stéphane LACROIX (pending confirmation), commercial manager – Lesaffre France, Jean-Luc CHAPUIS, president of the Haute-Loire Bakery-Pastry Federation, president of the Regulations, Restructuring and Modernity committee, manager of Labrivoise bakery.


Saturday 21st – Wednesday 25th January 2017

Hall 2.2

For this edition the concept of the Village has been entirely reinvented! The tradesmen of the French Professional Food Service Association invite to come and discover their trades and expertise, and to take part in discussions addressing topical issues.

The professional associations of fish mongers, bakers, cheese-makers, and butchers welcome you to come and share a moment of conviviality. Visitors will meet professionals from the food service industry! Exchanging and sharing knowledge and techniques is part of the DNA of artisan trade.

As a result, each day 45’ masterclasses will be staged to highlight the techniques, issues and challenges such as: boosting bakeries turnover with new CRM systems, protecting bees’ environment with UNAF or matching wine, beer and cheese.