In 2019, the Bocuse d’Or wishes to pay tribute to two great chefs who passed away this year and who both contributed significantly to promote the event: Paul Bocuse, founder of the contest, and Joël Robuchon who was the first and latest Honorary President of the Bocuse d’Or, during the 30th anniversary of the contest in 2017.

The Bocuse d’Or is a real laboratory for worldwide cuisine. It will present the 24 finalists with challenging tests that owe as much to creativity as to skills and technique. This will ensure that the show replicates what the atmosphere is like in the kitchen: a subtle mix of aromas, tastes and savoir-faire.

In addition to the theme presented on a platter that has been chosen in honour of Paul Bocuse, rack of suckling veal with 5 prime chops prepared with offal cuts to be roasted, for the theme presented on a plate the participants will prepare the recipe and presentation of Vegetable Chartreuse with shellfish, which ingredients must be selected from the METRO market, official theme supplier.

The candidates are encouraged to call upon the full range of their creative senses to ensure that the final result is as spectacular for the eyes as it is to the palate.

In the year that is coming to an end we lost two great figures of gastronomy, Paul Bocuse and Joël Robuchon. We paid tribute to Paul Bocuse with the rack of veal, the theme that was announced last September. Today, we want to pay homage to Joël Robuchon, the undisputed master of cooking and the chef who has gleaned the most Michelin stars in the world throughout his career.
His vision: pass on his knowledge through his technical mastery. He modernised the masterpieces of traditional French cuisine and, for this grand finale, we invite the candidates to follow in his footsteps by reinventing the recipe for the Chartreuse.
My advice to them: Revisit, modernise, personalise this emblematic recipe. Surprise us, inspire chefs around the world and encourage young chefs to follow your example.  Be the proud ambassadors of the Bocuse d’Or with chefs all over the world by illustrating what the Bocuse d’Or stands for: a formidable laboratory of creativity for all cuisine styles on the globe, an event that encourages perpetual re-invention, re-creation, respectful of the fundamental.
” Régis Marcon, president of the International Organization Committee

Theme on plate: vegetable Chartreuse with shellfish – what the rules state

The candidates must prepare two Chartreuses with 8 portions for each. These must be identical, composed of a minimum of 50% vegetal products and stuffed with a stew made using 4 shellfish (scallops, mussels, oysters, cockles). Although the size of the Chartreuses is imposed – they may not exceed 20 cm in diameter – the interpretation of the recipe is free. The dish will be arranged on a presentation dish that is supplied by the Bocuse d’Or Organising team.

Served hot, the Chartreuses are accompanied by a single sauce, while their accompaniments are composed of one of several vegetables associated with salad shoots and aromatic herbs.

Authorised products: all vegetal products available on the market except truffles (including vegetables, cereals, seeds, and derivatives), eggs, any dairy products, seafood products with an imposed basket for all teams: 32 scallops, 60 mussels, 18 oysters grade 2, 60 cockles.

Timing: the Chartreuses must be sent 5 hours after the beginning of the test.